Anwar a terrorist? — Othman Wahab

JAN 28 — Anwar Ibrahim certainly is everything to everybody. A serial sodomiser, a chameleon-style politician, a sellout of Malay rights, a US stooge and now it appears a recipient of funds from some shady people.

The timing of the CNN report is suspicious but the tone and content stinks like a stitch-up job.

It is a strange, strange story with an introduction having Najib Razak complaining to the Saudi government about Anwar Ibrahim’s source of funding and then both Malaysian politicians disappearing from the article.

Then the CNN report talks about how the Saudis then investigated this complaint and wallah! they learn about how suspicious charities and groups like Muslim Brotherhood are funnelling money to politicians and others around the world.

In short, dubious money is buying support around the world. It is simply incredible that the country which gave us the 9/11 hijackers only decided to learn about terrorist funding after a comment by Najib.

If the Saudis are that lax, the House of Saud must be a joke.

The intention of the article or the promoters of the report was to hope that the readers would read in between the lines and reach some conclusion that Anwar has received funding from terrorist organisations.

The Malaysian Insider, in its aim to be the first to publish this story, took this bait hook, line and sinker.

In such a game, the report will be seized upon by government agencies to launch an investigation.

Hishammuddin Hussein has played the part well and now wants the Special Branch to investigate these so-called links. So the pantomime continues and CNN has advertently or inadvertently become a tool.

If the Saudis or others have solid evidence linking Anwar to bad money, wonder why CNN did not put it down. Is it because there wasn’t any evidence? Or is it because it is more damaging to sink someone with speculation?

Looks like Anwar has some serious enemies in Saudi Arabia or maybe some of his friends have turned.

* Othman Wahab reads The Malaysian Insider.

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