Lelaki, Tolong La Isteri Di Dapur Masak Juadah Berbuka

I can still remember my mother's philosophy echoing in my eardrums "Orang lelaki takpa balik rumah letih kerja boleh baca surat khabar duduk ruang tamu tengok TV. Orang perempuan balik rumah letih kerja kena bersilat di dapur". (Men have the luxury, despite lethargy after work, to sit at the living room reading newspaper watching TV. Women even though exhausted after work have to wrestle at the kitchen).

Today, the percentage of women in the work force is 52.4% a slight majority compared to men.

The myth of "Men work, women cook" is somewhat irrelevant in today's life provided that women too have to work to earn monetary capacity for the family as the men's earnings are insufficient.

The criterion of "Able to cook" & "Able to perform household duties" should be encarved in every husband today.

I'm not a good cook (see my Telur Dadar is imperfect). But I try to be one. This post is not to show off saying I'm a good husband no. This post is to share what my mom said to me years back.

We are not living in an age where women stay at home with the children. Husbands have to help despite their working nature.

I want to "raikan" my wife with my cooking. Thank you for everything.

Men, supress your ego, we don’t want that. Learn how to cook.

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