[Gambar] Patung Lilin Bogel Abang Sultan Brunei Bersama Kekasih

Brother of Sultan of Brunei’s nude statues

That’s saying something, because this is a pretty bizarre lawsuit. It spans three continents, billions of dollars, and at least $100 million in legal fees spent so far to pursue what ultimately amounts to $6 million in disputed cash involving, among other properties, New York’s Palace Hotel.

Prince Jefri of Brunei in his London home in Regents Park.

Weirder still, all of the dozens of lawyers - toiling for four American law firms and two British ones representing both the plaintiffs and the defendants—are being paid by the prince’s older brother, the sultan of Brunei, who, along with the royal family’s Brunei Investment Agency, is on the prince’s side of the litigation. (This is, to put it mildly, an irony, because in multiple separate proceedings in the Bruneian and British courts, the sultan has spent an estimated $400 million in legal fees to sue his little brother, the former Bruneian finance minister, for allegedly defrauding the oil-rich sultanate of billions of dollars.) In the current case, after four years of motion-filing and deposition-taking, a full-dress jury trial is scheduled to start next Monday in New York State Supreme Court, Justice Ira Gammerman presiding.

His Royal Highness Prince Jefri Bolkiah who, at 56, is famous the world over for profligate spending, keeping a harem of dozens of young women, owning a mega-yacht dubbed Tits, and purchasing hundreds of custom-made luxury cars, never driven..

Brother of Sultan of Brunei’s nude statues

But back to the statues—the best illustration of the strangely over-the-top nature of this case. There are a half dozen of them, made of bronze with a surface of skin-toned trompe-l’oeil, depicting the prince and his fiancée, Las Vegas siren Micha Raines, naked and life-size (and in certain particulars bigger than life-size) in various graphic sexual positions.

macam-macam ada sekarang ni

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